Refurbishments & Interior Design

Refurbishments & Interior Design

Ahanang offers turnkey construction and refurbishment solutions and focuses on providing a holistic service as might be required. Ahanang takes care of budgeting, procurement, scheduling and preparation of tender documents. With qualified and dedicated project managers, construction managers, design engineers and architects, Ahanang offers a one-stop-shop for construction and refurbishment projects of any size.

Refurbishment, re-use and renewal

The refurbishment of existing buildings is a crucial yet often neglected subject within architecture; attention is usually focused on new buildings.

Ahanang will focus on refurbishment of buildings and giving outdated buildings a new purpose with an upgrading and reconfiguration that goes far beyond the cosmetic.

Increased environmental awareness means that, rather than dispose of an old building, we are increasingly being told to re-use and recycle. This principal is also being applied to buildings. Rather than knock down and build again, the option to re-use buildings is being examined more carefully with a view to save on finances.

The Benefits of Refurbishment

We refurbish buildings to:

  • Change the functionality of the building
  • Increase in the value of the property
  • Improve the visual appearance of the building
  • Extending the life of the property
  • Improve the working environment for employees
  • Increase rental income
  • Repair damage to the existing building

Overall there is a huge cost savings methodology in refurbishing existing buildings.

The benefits outlined above can range from improving the functionality of the building to pure cosmetics. There are many situations when it can make more sense to refurbish and upgrade an existing building rather than demolish the building and build a new one.

With the most diverse range of products and knowledge base Ahanang with their professional team is able to offer the best solutions to any refurbishment requirements.

We will be able to improve your property with our innovative refurbishment ideas.

Contact us now to get a consultant to give you a call and discuss the refurbishment of your building.

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